Civil War Soldiers of Sharon, CT

22nd NY Infantry Regiment

Roberts, Cyrus Swan
  Enlisted as a Sergeant Major 1862
  Transferred to the 150th NY Infantry Regiment (?)
  Promoted to full 2nd Lieutenant  (?)
  Promoted to full 1st Lieutenant (?)
  Promoted to full Captain (?)
  Promoted to full A.D.C. under the command of Major
  General George Crook (?)
  Transferred to 17th U.S. Army Regular Infantry Regiment 1866
  Promoted to full 2nd Lieutenant 1866
  Promoted to full Lieutenant Colonel 1899
  Promoted to full Colonel (?)
  Retired as a Brigadier General 1903
  Died 19 March, 1917
  Wife: Nannie DuVal
  Notes: Served in the American Civil War, the Philippine Insurrection and
  the Spanish-American War. Married 31 Jan, 1870 at St. David’s Episcopal
  Church in Austin, TX. Born 23 Aug, 1841 in Sharon, CT